Charms of Friendship

For my friends~

I am thankful for the way we are each a unique charm dangling from a bracelet of LIfe.

We are not made from a common mold.

Diversified in our life paths yet with the twist of a wrist swing and welcome in adventure,compassion, and continue to add onto our links with new knowledge and power.

We ‘Fabulous Charms’ are so sharing and full of love creating memories in our lives.

I love the Charms in my Life.

And I  remember dearly  the Charms that have moved on from  this Life.

xo Kathleen/Sunshine



  1. Please allow me to be so bold as to consider myself one of the charms you so beautifully and eloquently describe, and how clever the analogy of a charm bracelet! I feel so blessed to be dangling alongside all the other unique and glorious charms around me, close enough that I am able to admire them and take in their boundless allure and exquisiteness! But mostly I feel honored to dangle alongside you Kidget, for there truly is no one more magnificently charming and beguiling than yourself my dear. ♡

  2. Love the charm idea. Very creative and thoughtful. Love all my new friendships on FB including you.

  3. Sunshine, you charm me. I love this charming message, filled with love, appreciation, desire to grow and flower, and spread all the love and charms wherever we can. Thank you for your nourishing and heart-felt friendship. Hallelujah for diversity.

  4. Beautiful. Like you.

  5. What a wonderful way of looking at your special friendships – whether real or virtual – we are all linked together! It’s been a blast making friends with you and all the other fab Fbers! My wish this year is to give these charms a real hug, in person! xxx

  6. You are such a charm yourself!! And a charmer and extremely charming Sunshine!! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thought!!! It makes me want to go out and get a charm bracelet and start adding memories of all of our fun times on and off line!!! XOXOXOXOXOX YOU ROCK!!!!!

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