The Pleasure, Joy, Disappointment and Horror brought on by Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody

I had planned on continuing my Life Waves post in January well it is still January so I am kind of on target.

The beach stories of the 60’s were as complete as I was willing to share,ha.

Life Waves now becomes my  daily ‘Life Waves’ of Life  that I started back in high school along with a few past stories thrown in the mix.

But I start today with the Pleasure, Joy, Disappointment and Horror I created within five different people.

I am working, now let me rephrase that, I am cleaning out my office finally.  My office is upstairs in our smallest bedroom. I love it and share it with Mojo our  two-year old English Bulldog. It is filled with books, posters, beads, publications, wrapping paper, articles, bills, paperwork, my iMac which I love , sea glass, my Gram’s old wardrobe which I refuse to chop up for firewood, my Davy Crockett suitcase ~~~need I go on.

Now since this was a small bedroom it has a fun walk in closet that I turned into a bead room years ago.  I have mood swings with the beads but that is another story. For now I can say I have a zillion beads,vintage, glass, lucite, crystals for a lifetime so this room is also a major part of my  reorganizing.

I had planned this event for early January after the holidays and it all started off great, well the first 15 minutes anyway until I started to come across old Stone Pony Stuff, then Asbury Park Stuff, then old photos from childhood, then STUFF, Thumbelina and Tammy  Dolls, CD’s, VHS’s, every Coastal Living Magazine every published…now do I dream or what!!!! LP’s,  signed posters, signed promo shots from rock n rollers.

But now on to the story.

Back during the holidays somehow everyone on FB was posting a favorite childhood character.  I chose Rosie from the Jetsons thanks to Melody and Blaine  for helping me upload or download her!

I have warned you all in the past I am no writer as I digress which you can see.

Well, in one box yesterday I unearthed a signed  Promo Photo of Buffalo Bob with Howdy Doody which I could not remember how I got it yet  you will read that a bit later. I  decided to share  what I found with a FB friend Blaine. I am not sure if he had a Howdy Doody or whatever  the show promoted  as a kid but somehow I remembered him using him as this character post.  So I posted  it to my FB wall.

Little did I know that Blaine, I think, enjoyed seeing it. Then to my surprise my childhood friend, Bobby, who I have known since forever told me he and his brother were at one of the NYC shows then another friend chimes in that her daughter had a Howdy Doody(whether she still has it or not  I am not sure) and then there were two left.  Linda Lichtman and Myself.

Not knowing Ms. Lichtman’s story you must read her blog which, if I can figure out, I will attached.

I awake this morning and after doing whatever it is I do I logged onto FB and I admit I love to check Linda’s page and what to my surprise is a new blog making reference to Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody. Oh no~did I do something bad or good.  Again read Linda’s blog and you will see.  So as fast as my fingers would type I am clicking to read Linda’s blog (which I love along with her) but  I admit I had no idea the direction of her blog about  Buffalo and Howdy yet  in the end I was LOL and crying for her.

As for me Howdy Doody was frightening. He lived in the closet only to peek out at night from the attic door. He hung on a hook.  I hated him and although as a child I seldom watched TV this show was thrust upon me as a kid by my parents and grandparents why I still do not know.  I had a large collection of dolls but this puppet freaked the hell out me.

If I disliked him as a kid why have a promo photo well the photo was obtained by my loving husband, Bums, who collects photographs/autographs.

Since I had a Nursery School, at the time, I guess he thought he would get this signed for me to hang at school not knowing my fear and dislike for BB and HD. My motto from school was: “every day is a learning experience” and that day Bums learned of my dislike for BB and HD and today I learned what Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody meant to some of my friends.

What is the saying~~’a picture paints a thousand words’

well this picture created many different emotions.

I am glad some of you enjoyed the photo, some remembered a childhood adventure, one remembered a daughters toy, one remembered a childhood disappointment and one still had nightmares.



  1. LOL!! We humans are so funny…definitely one mans treasure is anothers horror!
    Your story reminds me of such a situation that is fairly (12 or so years) recent. When I was a little girl..I was doll crazy. I had every doll known to mankind…as my mom loved dolls too and I think her passion gave her the permission to indulge her only daughter same love. One of my favorite dolls was Patty Playpal…a life size little girl doll..approximately the size of a normal 4 year old…with brown hair and green eyes and clothes that at the time I could mix and match and wear myself. She was in sort..a real playmate…that unfortunately could not move or talk.
    As I grew up..all my dolls were well preserved so that one day my “little girl” could play with them too. When my Taylor came into my life..I could hardly wait to bring them out and set them around her room….It was a girls dream..I thought…to have all these “babies” sitting in wait to join her around the minature table and chairs for a spot of tea and cookies. Patty sat in an childs over stuffed chair right by the crib..and I thought would be such a delight for Taylor to see first thing every morning and last thing as she drifted off to sleep.
    As Taylor got older..I noticed she never gravitated towards any of the dolls but loved to play in my sons room..with all his Batman Characters,Thomas Trains..and the like..but never did she even come close to Patty. I thought nothing of it as she was still a baby and crawling and Patty was afterall designed for an older girl..more in the 3-5 yr old range.
    Finally one afternoon ..when Taylor was about 2 1/2 and very much speaking in toddler talk…she pointed to Patty and teared up and said, “Mommy, make it go away….puweeseee!”
    I was shocked and confused. “Make what go away darling? The bed?”
    “No..mommy..da dolly…make da dolly go!!!”
    Turns out she hated Patty and was scared of her.
    Patty went into a closet with a pillowcase over her pretty little head and she remains there today. All the other dolls eventually followed..all except her Rugrat Baby doll…and one stuffed huge version of Clifford which remains in her room today.
    Poor Patty…she never had a chance!

    • Melody between the tears and laughs I am not sure I can type.
      You saved dolls for a daughter who had no interest. I saved dolls and have no kids. Maybe we (you and I) should get together and take our dolls out for tea. LOL.

      The thought that the doll is in the closet of her room with a pillowcase over its head is freaking me out. I will close our closet door tonight for sure….I remember Patty Playpal and she was one tall doll.

      I gave two of my Madame Alexander Dolls to nieces who murdered them with hair cuts, and nail polish.

      One day, maybe, your dolls will go to your grandchildren and mine to my grandnieces….or as Madge says Trash!!!!
      thanks for reading.

      • LOL! Oh Kathleen…its totally ok..Patty resides in BOB’s closet..Taylor didnt want that doll anywhere near her room…and the pillow case is long and goes all the way past her toes..I only did that in order to protect her from the damage of time. In truth..those dolls have value..I have 40 madame alexander dolls..all worth a little bit I think..I still have my Chatty Cathy..(oh how I loved her)…and I have a couple of small dolls..the name escapes me but they were quite popular at the time..and then of course there was Barbie, Midge and Ken. Taylor never could stand Barbie at all..and never played once with those…when I was 10…my best friend and I would spend entire weekends playing Barbie!!! Oh well….
        Yes ..You and I should get our dolls out and play Kathleen!!! LOL!

      • Now I am LOL at Patty in Bob’s closet, I do not blame T one bit~I would not want her in my room or even know where she was.
        Nice to know others had dolls. My sister was not into dolls and she was three years younger than me. Tiny Tears is at my Moms. Tammy is here with 80 outfits in her travel case.
        Well we can hope that one day Drew or Tay will have a daughter that likes dolls but we might be wishing for the impossible.
        Thanks for sharing Mel. I love to hear your stories. xo

  2. Kathleen, so glad that let me in on you blog. Did not know how HD is such a horror in your life. I understand though and lol of him hanging in your closet. I had so many things that scared me in the dark,closet or under my bed. Arrrr I sleeping with the lights on tonight.
    BTW I related to HD because of his red hair. 🙂

    • Well Blaine my hair was so red until I turned 50 and I am a bold one. I grew up with red hair and I take it you did also. Well got teased at times. So when it started to turn gray/white I said no dying here.
      It is what it is. I am not sure what color it is today but it is natural. I got HD out of my mind because now I see Melody’s Patty Playpal with a pillowcase over her head in the closet. I just wrote you so you will understand I blame the clown.
      Thanks for being part of BB and HD. I felt bad for Linda she really loved HD and was crushed as a kid. When I read her blog I felt so bad. But look at the different emotions one photo can make. Chat soon and thanks for reading.

  3. All this cleaning out (my sister and myself are cleaning my mother’s home to make it easier for us when she dies (she is totally disabled with memory loss). Every tme we come across a treasure our minds go back to the time. I loved Howdy Doody and I am not sure if he was the one who had a magic screen and you put it on your TV and could color along. If not HD someone will remember this person. I had my favorite dolls and one was a Patty Playpal doll which my girlfriend and I took to the Thom Mcann Show store to get out dolls real kids shoes. We were in the newspaper for that one. I, too had Madame Alexander dolls and we shopped at Uncle Jim’s Toy store near our house in LA. My Mom had a dolls made for my sister and I with her real hair on them. Needless to say one of us cut some of the hair. I like to think it was my sister. All those items of mine are long gone. My sister has more of them as she had daughters. Oh the memories. Thanks Kathleen for a walk down memory lane.

    • Oh Madge, how great to hear you and Melody had a Patty Playpal.
      I remember her being a very tall doll.
      Thankfully years ago I sold all my Madame Alexander Dolls and went to New Orleans two times from the profits.
      I am sorry to hear about your Mom. How difficult for she probably does not recall half of what you are looking at. I am hoping to spend some time in March with my parents to do the same thing. They are both still fine but there is so much in the house best to deal with it while they can guide me.
      Funny I always thought I would save my Davy Crockett Stuff for Retirement but should have sold it back in the 80’s. The internet now has changed collectibles. You just type in what you want and there it is~that search is gone and the prices are lower.
      I am happy to have you along on my clearing out. I am sure I will find something else to post just hoping it brings good memories to all next time around.
      Funny how one photo can emit different emotions from people.

  4. LOLOL, this is so fabulous. I love your story and all the comments. I’ll have to come back. Me, too, tears and laughter reading through all of this. And Melody’s pillow-cased captive in the closet. The whole thing is so funny. I’ll have to find my picture of dolls. Why, oh, why do you and Innergiggles have to have such great blogs to comment upon when I’m to busy to think. I should go hide with Patty in Bob’s closet and put a pillowcase over my head so I can’t see or hear you all having such a good time.

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