Hi. My name is Kathleen. I am a retired nursery school teacher and live with my husband, Stephen(Bums) and our Bulldog, Mojo.
I moved away from the beach 15 years ago to get married but admit I miss it much. I spent my Summers there for 42 years. So I decided to write Kathleen’s life waves blog. My ‘life waves’ writing actually started back at St. Joseph’s  Grammar School in Maplewood, NJ. So I now continue as does the tide  with my  daily ‘Life Waves’.
Come along with me and visit Belmar and Asbury Park in the 1960’s with my best friend Joey and my Gram who both still mean the world to me. RIP Gram and RIP Joey.  After my Summer childhood stories my blog will turn into daily swells of everyday life.

I love to read, cook, bake, bead and take long beach walks which have turned into short forest walks, I prefer my treadmill now because I am not into bugs!!! When I left the beach I left bike riding, I tried it once were I live now but  am lucky to be alive to tell you about it. As of this year 2011 there is a new 30 mile bike/walking path along the Delaware River that I might just go explore. But the Delaware River is not the Ocean!

Must have music almost any kind.  Blues, Rock, RnB, Alternative. Not much into rap or pop or show tunes.

Have two favorite DJ’s been listening to for years Rob Morehead on WNNJ-NJ and Terri Carr on WDHA-NJ.  Recently I had the awesome opportunity to listen to radio tapes of Linda Leichtman when she was on WNBC radio and those I will treasure for I found a true friend, amazing wit, large heart, fabulous radio voice.  And as I am updating this page it is with my delight to announce that Ms. Linda Lichtman will be on her new Blog Radio starting March 6, 2011 PST. I will update with more info or FB Linda Lichtman for updates.

Have meet some awesome women on FB and hopefully will meet some of them in person soon. Oh yes not all have been women, some men and some pets.  All are a welcome!!

I enjoy people for who they are, not what they do, or where they live, or what they have.

~ I have opinions~ I do shoot from the hip~Sometimes not well received.

I love life, appreciate and love my intense working historian/collector husband, adore our Bulldog, Mojo,  and at the early age of 16 learned to live each day best you can for tomorrow may never come.

I am rather laid back. Favorite clothing would be jeans and t-shirt with flip-flops. Long earrings, and have always been way into scarfs, just love them! Maybe deep down I want to be Stevie Nicks.

New Orleans is my favorite place to be. There is so much I love about NOLA I feel I might have lived there in another life. Of course my other favorite place is the ocean, any ocean! Love to ride the swells or walk the beach .

I love to read and well my most favorite book of all time is Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s “A Gift from the Sea”,  I love Rebecca Wells Ya Ya Sisterhood along with her other publications. And well Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf and one day I will list them all.  At age 55 I read Amy Ferris’s” Marrying George Clooney” which was a personal rebirth for me. Amy’s book is a must read for any woman for you will know you are not alone out there(oh hell admit it we all have those who else is going thru this alone moment!) Amy is filled with spunk and I love that while also being one  Fabulous person . Then there is  Barbara Hannah Grufferman”Best of Everything after 50″ she did our homework for us on fitness, sex, money, health, beauty best part she is a doll to chat with. Now there are many other books I would love to share with you and I will on a separate blog with reading updates.

Bums and I also started a new venture. We opened  a  BnB/Historical Gallery this past Summer at our home.

It is a private entrance suite with a king or two twin beds, private porch and private bath. We live on a family owned and operated lake where you can row, kyack, paddle, canoe, fish.  There is a heated in ground pool in the yard.  Very quite, peaceful surrounding  acres of blueberry bushes and forest with the occasional visit from deer, bears, eagles, owls, turtles, snakes, skunk and the famous chipmunks and no they do not answer to Alvin and Theodore,ha.

Great location for writing, beading, reading and  star-gazing for there are no city lights or street lights so the stars are huge.

I will update more later.

Come back and visit some of my life waves… the highnlow tides of life in the 60’s and current little  daily swells.

Cheers, Kathleen

If you would like to visit me on FB :  Kathleen Bumball

If you would like to visit Mojo on FB: MojoRising Bumball

Our BnB is: info@rickardslakebnb.com

Thanks for jumping a life wave with me.


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