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Nicknames: Bums~Sunshine~LOL

This post started months ago when someone asked who Bums was. Well Bums is my husband, Stephen. Bums comes from a part of his/our last name, Bumball.  Now if you were to meet my husband I would introduce him as Stephen he would introduce himself as Steve. To me he is Stephen or Bums but no Steve. My good friend  posted something around the holidays and I commented saying “I was going with Bums” one of their friends saw the comment and they thought I meant street people and that I should be more careful with my words. Once explained they then wondered why anyone would name a child Bums so we had to explain yet again. I, of course, was LMAO thinking no one I even know would ever call anyone a Bum. Then I thought of all the years at the NJ Food Pantry ,which I volunteered at, and wondered how all these fabulous people whom I met over the years would feel if they thought society called them Bums. Yikes! People should go at least twice a year to work in a food pantry and I guarantee you will be amazed how many wonderful souls walk thru that door in need and they are not Bums. Things happen in people’s lives. The food pantries are there to help and in this economy need I say more.  So I digress as usual now back to My Nicknames.

I have many nicknames and started to wonder why.  Some people have no nicknames in their lifetime and I have quite a few that I will gladly share with you.  I am surprised I know my name, LOL

Kathleen~birth name and since I went to parochial school the nuns always used Proper Names

Gram called me Katie

Mom calls me Kathleen

Dad calls me Kathi

Sister(Laureen) called me Kath

Brother (Allen) calls me Kathi

around 16  I decided I needed  a change ~thought it was cool and became Kathi not Kathy, or Kathie just Kathi

Most childhood friends still call me Kathleen

My Mother-in-Law calls me Kathleen

Now here comes the fun part~

When I started teaching nursery school the children had a difficult time saying Kathleen so I then became Miss Kathi

My nieces and nephews call me Aunt Kathi except for John(nephew) who calls me Kath but that is only in the past year or two.

As I walk the streets of my hometown I will run into alumni students, parents who still call me Miss Kathi~now a stranger within ear shot usually does a double take because I who wear jeans, clogs and t-shirts am not the hooker looking type associated with the Ms. in front of her name~LOL

Fifteen years ago Bums and I got married. I was 42 he was 36. My hair was red(natural) with curls galore(hated them,ha)  and I became  Red

When I turned 50 my hair started to turn I am not sure what color but the red was fading and the gray and white was showing. I decided then I would not dye my hair. Why bother I grew up with red hair all my life and it was so naturally streaked from the sun plus my sister became ill and I just did not have the time although she felt I should do it immediately! Ha.  Around this time I became Sunshine.

So Bums is the only one up to two years ago who ever called me Red or Sunshine

Two years ago I reactivated my FB account and never thought about it listing myself as Kathleen

I have met fabulous, fun loving FB people who are now close dear friends.

Here is a list of my FB names:

KB~Linda Lichtman

Sunshine~Bums and some FB friends

Sister of Sunshine~Cheryl Mosley

Kidget~ Sharon Slesinski

KayBee~Linda Lichtman and Sharon Slesinski

Kat~ Georgie Girl

Kath~ Billy/Ruth Smith and nephew John along with a few pony people

When I introduce myself to someone new I usually say Kathleen BUT within seconds most will say oh it was nice to meet you Kathi meaning Kathy (since that is the most common spelling) I, of course, had to be different with the spelling.   Upon offering up my name to a new person they step back when I say Kathleen like it is way to formal or I am a pompous stuck up person or it is my imagination but it is the vibe I get and they usually then call me a mix of all of the above but not Kathleen.

So there you have it.  I answer to all of the above with a ‘smile’ and love my nicknames!!!

Thanks for reading my life waves~Kathleen,Katie,Kath,Kat,Kathi, Miss Kathi, Red, Sunshine, KB, Sister of Sunshine,Kidget,KayBee

Share via a comment some, if any, of your nicknames.



  1. So funny, Kathleen! (to me you are Kathleen) Thing is, I wiiiiiish I had a nickname. Always have. Sadly, you can’t nickname yourself 😉

    • Barbara~~So So True you cannot give yourself a nickname. It is like a tribal passage of how individuals connect with you. I have that parochial school thing going. Meaning that when I meet a person I call them that name. When I was teaching my forms asked the child’s proper birth name then I asked what name do you call the child and nine out of ten times the name would be different. Thomas could be Tom, Tommy, Tommie, and on and on. When I met the children they were two year olds and really could care less what anyone called them, ha. They saw four rooms filled with games, puzzles, paint, books, etc. Yet by three, 98% returned for the second year with a new name, like Thomas at two was now Tom or Tommy at three, I had such a hard time with that change.
      So I met you as Barbara but would not want to offend you by calling you Barb, Barbie, Babs, Barbarella (was hot) LOL. Oh you poor thing I would love to give you a nickname in honor of my blog. Does Deb sometimes refers to you as Barb or I might be mistaken? Well, by the end of the week my dear you will have a nickname. Thanks for reading my life waves. xoxo

      • Welcome Dekki
        I love it~
        I am so thrilled and happy you love it!

  2. I have many nicknames as well. Given name Madge.

    Friends call me mymadger, madger, madgic, magenta, and my kids call me mamacita. My grand kids call me grammie and grammie m. Answer to them all. When I was newly married my ex brothers-in-law called me badger as they thought that was so funny. Not that I badger them but that rhymed with Madge -not my favorite and I stopped that one many years ago.
    Fun to think about.
    My best friend who passed away in 1998 was Kathleen as well and all through school she changed her spelling too from Kathy, Kathi and no one called her Kathleen until she went to college and then went to her given name. I followed whatever she wanted to be called.
    Fun blog today, Kathleen.

    • TY~Madgic, after hearing your voice this one fits for me. You Rocked on LL blog radio. Loved your story, I was serious when I typed that is how we should all go thru security today. Purchased airline ticket should come in the mail with a nice robe to wear to airport butt naked underneath…LOL
      I have been graced with many nicknames as you can see but I still hold true to someone’s proper name or how they introduce themselves.
      Yet I am loving ‘madgic’ feel the connect with your blogs and voice.
      yes madgic it is…

  3. Love this Kathleen! So funny because all these months that I have seen the name “Bums” on facebook I never once thought of it as Bum. Funny! I just knew it was from your last name and thought it was sooooo cute!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing! Hugs…A.

    Here are some of our nicknames….hope you get a giggle!

  4. I love your blog my dear Kathleen, my Sister of Sunshine, SOS. Sometimes I feel like sending out an SOS when I really feel the need to giggle or go deep, or cry, or LMAO. You are my soul sister. I knew it when we “met.”
    I’ve had several nicknames, but for me, it only means something when it is coming from the special “somewhere” that arises out of “someone”, just at that some “time” that it feels just right. It’s funny to me that sometimes I call you Kathleen and sometimes it’s Sunshine or Sister of Sunshine. It’s a feeling and not a thought. This inspires me to think about writing about my own names that I’ve had over my lifetime. I will think about doing that now, because of you. I love you, Sunshine.

  5. Sunshine, we share a nickname how wonderful I am honored~and in the meantime I am LMBWAO with all of your others. How fun. TY for reading and sharing in my lifewaves. x

  6. Kathleen, you are too cute for words. I meant “Sunshine, I love you.” xoxoxo

  7. I always think of you as KB (kaybee)…
    Which nickname is your favorite?

    People always call me Holls…don’t know how that started but it seems to be universal. One guy at work used to call me Dex, and I thought that was cute.

    My husband has always been called Troyboy- his friends even bought him a hat with that name on it, but now that he’s approaching 50 it seems a little awkward. ha ha…

    • As always a great tale told by you Hollye.
      To me you are Hollye. I love kaybee(KB) and kidget on FB

      A person can have a zillion nicknames because they come from friends thereby if everyone called me Kathleen, boring yet if everyone called me Sunshine that is me via Bums(more personal)
      Now Bums is what everyone calls Stephen so it is a true universal nickname for him.

      I rolled some heads with my tiny fun blog~
      thanks for reading my ‘life waves’

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