Posted by: Kathleen's Life Waves | September 9, 2010

Autumn/Fall = Mold/Mess A Season I can live without

A few weeks ago a friend posted a remark about hating Fall.  I found this strange because she lives in CA and well I think of CA as sunny, warm, with colorful plant life year round  and swells along the Pacific Beaches to die for.

I remarked how I also disliked Fall probably because I love Summer so much and have to close the pool and  thankfully the beach is never closed.  September is the most beautiful of months to me but everyone keeps telling me it is Fall and  well I live in my own little world and October and November are Fall to me and I still dislike them.    I am outside almost everyday in the Summer walking, biking, gardening, swimming, riding waves at the beach, picnics, festivals, music clubs.  Then everything comes to a creepy close and I begin to suffocate.  Even the colorful garden that I worked on since April starts to die, the trees make up for that for they do produce magnificent color and when reflected off the lake it is beautiful from the window for all of two weeks then the Fall Mold and Mess takes over. You rake and the Autumn wind blows them back at ya. Even as a kid my Dad would rake the leaves to the  curb  and the kids in the neighborhood would dive into them. The only diving I wanted to do was back in the pool which was closed.  In grammar school I once wrote that Fall should fall away and I went to Catholic School the nuns had no sense of humor.  I know this was just wishful thinking but I wanted to stay on the beach. So my hating Fall started in my youth.   Time changes, it gets dark so early.  When I was teaching I would get up in the dark and return home in the dark.  Very depressing, I am Sunshine!! I need some daylight.  I am no vampire but would do anything to be in NOLA for Halloween.

So Fall is coming and I live among  acres of dead trees with limbs creaking scary in the night looking like they are going to swing down and grab you with their long bony  branch like fingers perfect for yes Halloween. Then the turkeys seem to appear ,what fools are they, ‘stay away’ I yell from the window but they start running all over the yard   Thankfully we do not hunt and I do not eat meat so they are safe here unless one big ass bird flies into your car.  Now the biggest reason Fall and I do not get along is allergies, I look tired all the time, my eyes tear,they  become the size of golf balls and  I feel like someone took two knives and stuck them up my nose and I cannot breathe.   My ever-loving husband has no concept of allergies he wants the windows open to let in that rustled  sound that the leaves make swirling on the ground along with the cool night breeze. If I am going to let any breeze come in my window my choice would be Drew Brees. So while  I prefer the A/C what a waste of money says he so open the window and I will become unstable, cranky and bitchy. Each year for 15 years I have to make this point so yes I commit suicide and open the window just a crack and in the morning he looks at me and says WoW what happened to your eyes and I say YOU and the Autumn happened to my eyes.  Windows are now shut again but the damage is done.  I need to go to the beach where there are no trees and I can breathe in some fresh salt sea air but the closest I get is the downstairs freezer to stick in my head for a few minutes of relief.

If that is not enough reason to hate the Fall then YOU are on the drugs that I refuse to take that make you hyper , cranky or dizzy.  I live with my neti pot and ice bag and if I stay inside I need nothing.  So like a bear I start to hibernate and come out once it is cold and welcome Winter but that is another Season.  One last big question that has always puzzled me,  why does Fall/Autumn get two names??   Which is it Fall or Autumn?

I hope your Autumn Life Waves bring you fun school days,  apples from the orchard, hay rides, pumpkins from the patch, vampires of the night and a stuffed turkey with cranberries.   PEACE



  1. Love your writing. Here in LA we have no seasons but somehow my allergies find a way to happen twice a year (March and October). I feel for you.

    • WoW me too Madge, October and March. There is not one birthday photo of me(March 20th) first day of Spring YAY!! that I don’t look like a creature from another planet.
      Learn something new each day. I alway figured CA no allergies but the inland winds do blow there also. No allergies when I lived at the beach, sandy soil and salt sea air now equal neti pot. Thanks for reading my Life Waves. And, again, coming from you I am honored.

  2. I am right there with ya, sister!

    Fall gives me the blues, it’s creepy, it’s messy and it does terrible things to my hair. So there.

    But Winter brings my birthday and christmas and snow days! I’m just holding out for that….

  3. Thanks Hollye. Hair I dare not mention for it only looks good in Winter because the curls freeze straight.
    As for Winter, our Lake Road becomes a true Winter Wonderland untouched snow glistens from the tree branches and the snow blankets are filled with creature footprints and the Lake is frozen but winds make it bumpy to skate on. I will have to go check on your birthday date.
    Thanks for reading my Life Waves…

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