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Kathleen’s Life Waves Blog: Fourth of July Accident

Kathleen’s Life Waves Blog:  Fourth of July Accident

Memorial Day Weekend 2010 I started writing about my Summer’s in the 60’s along the Jersey Shore  in the beach towns of Belmar and Asbury Park mainly because they were great times and still remain close to my heart.

Also as the years passed I realized I learned something from each of those Summers that makes me smile.

This blog brings us to 1966  a few days after the Fourth of July.  Joey and I are on the front porch when we see these two boys walking towards the beach, boogie boards in tow.  We have seem them before, they are about our age, so we walk down from the porch to talk to them.  Welcome Frankie and Johnny, yes, Frankie and Johnny are brothers who live in Belmar year round and attend St. Rose’s School.  Like magic my Gram  appears in the doorway inquiring who these boys are???   They introduce themselves and later that day we all meet at the beach.  Gram meets their Mom and everything is good or so we think…….

Now Joey and I were on the quite side (Surprised??) HA!  but Frankie and Johnny were wild and Joey and I  were liking that:)    One night we left our rooms via the back staircase and went off to Spring Lake where we untied a few of the row boats so that in the morning they were all in the center of the lake.

This news made the front page of the tiny town paper where, need I remind you, the owner of the Rooming House we lived was the publisher and Mayor !!!  then as my Gram sat and read that paper the week after we did this horrible, terrible, nasty  delinquent thing her remark was” now who would do such a thing?!?!?!”    I think I was around 18 when I fessed up.

Next event was going to Frankie and Johnny’s house one afternoon.   Down in the basement they were working on a project what did that mean? something for school, camp?? we had no clue. Well it turned out that Johnny had a firecracker(Cherry Bomb) now I hate fireworks!!!  cannot stand the sound!! I think of Anne Frank and bombs-do not ask me to explain other than I loved history as a kid and read many history books.   I hated the Fourth of July, not the Independence part, the  Fireworks part.

Well I wanted out of that basement and I know Joey left with me even though I do not remember if he really wanted to stay, something about boys and fireworks!!!  All I can say is it was a good thing we left.

A few days passed and we did not see Frankie or Johnny.  Even my Gram asked where they were, it has been raining so we were not on the beach or boardwalk  to ask anyone.

A few more rainy days pass until we awake to a glorious morning of ‘Sunshine’  so back to the beach we go  to hear the news that Johnny had an accident with the fireworks and lost two fingers.  Both boys were fine but could not come to the beach because of the surgery but also because they were being punished by their parents.   Now I did not like fireworks before this event and to this day I still do not like fireworks.

I am happy to watch them on TV or from afar.   I do  appreciate the colors, designs, as long as I do not have to hear them!

Each year since moving to PA my brother-in-law loves to do a July  Fireworks show over Rickard’s Lake.  I HATE going for I re live that Belmar experience for  my mind is most creative and can  visualize his fingers flying thru the air.  Plus I hate the sound and all the bugs find ME so I learned to say NO I am staying home with the dog, a good book and a drink!

Happy Post Fourth of July   2010

Come ride the next wave into Asbury Park and meet Bruce  — you are not going to ask Bruce who? are you?



  1. Finally found your blog. I met so many new friends yesterday that I couldn’t remember whose blog I was going to read, then found Linda’s (already know Hollye’s, of course, and Amy’s), was SURE it was yours, but couldn’t find the link anymore. then here it is today. Phew!

    GREAT blog! I love the reminiscences. And you write them so evocatively.

    • Hi Barbara, Thanks for reading my life waves blog. I always wanted to start with my special years at the beach then move on to real everyday life waves. I have had my share of high and low tides in LIFE.
      I started to read your and Deb’s last night,,,,love both your styles. I will comment tonight on your site–looking forward to reading more than I will comment on your site. So happy Hollye is sharing you with all of us. Super!!!

  2. I soooo loved this blog…the story…the characters…the writing…the writer…PERFECT!!! Just keep going…xox

  3. Oh Linda you are so sweet and always reading. Thanks for the encouragement!!! Love Ya Ms.Lavender

  4. Kathy… I do LOVE your stories. I can definitely imagine this happening! I, too, am not fond of the fireworks. I just don’t understand all the hoopla. Thank you again for sharing. Although, I prefer to ‘hear’ them from across the table! LOL

  5. MJ Thanks so for reading my life waves. Always super to meet someone else who isn’t into fireworks, ha. Looking forward to a Jersey Beach Day with you before Sept. xoxo

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