Posted by: Kathleen's Life Waves | June 29, 2010

A Final Wave Together

June 2010 and I find myself back at the Jersey shore where I first saw waves in the 50’s.  I have not seen Joey since the 70’s. He shipped out and I went off to college and work.  I learned young not to put off what I can do today for tomorrow may never come yet I always thought I would see Joey again.  I searched, I googled, Nothing!!! This past May I decided to start my Life Waves Blog. My childhood Summers were always so wonderful and when things get tough those memories always pull me thru.  Almost anything with my Gram is a sure fix also!! add Joey, a Summer friend, to the mix and well life was just so awesome especially in the Summer.   After my first four blogs I was now really determined to find Joey and someone had given me a lead to the Navel Academy.  Sadly Joey passed away last July 2009, unexpected, sudden I was told from a Navy buddy.  I cried waves of tears that flowed into such a high tide.  Then my best girlfriend, Terri, lost her job, it was a horrible job anyway and she was looking and worked for a Witch when I got this Fabulous idea to go to the beach for a few days.  It would be great for both of us to spend time together since we always planned on going somewhere when we turned 50. Well my sister became ill and five years later she passed away. Now it might be good for us to go somewhere to chill but Terri’s Mom got ill and just passed away. So now at 56 we are off, not for our big adventure, but just to get away.  She is the girlfriend I just share everything with. That treasure in life that makes it all right.  We always have each others back.

Terri loves the beach and someone was watching over us because the weather and the water could not have been better.  Terri sat and watched me (she does not go  in water over her ankles) as  I entered the ocean where the high tide waves washed away my tears for Joey which freed me to start  jumping and diving into the  waves.   I felt refreshed and renewed the tears will still flow for Joey, actually they are as I write this but they are good tears. I believe that Joey is closer to me now watching and guiding over what I write about our Summers together. He was right there with me jumping those waves just like we did back in the 60’s.  Joey is along for this blog ride and Joey will forever be my Beach Bum Buddy.

RIP  Joey     at  home in the ocean you so loved.



  1. Kathleen, oh how I love you so. I had no idea of all the sorrow and pain you have been going thru. My heart goes out to you my dear dear friend. Your blog is a beautiful tribute to your best friend Terri and to your childhood friend, Joey. RIP Joey.
    Keep on writing your wonderful blog and sharing your thoughts. You are so talented and such a love.

    • Maxee Maxee, how sweet of you to read my blog. As I mentioned in Hollye’s blog I learned how to ride the high and low tides of LIFE at an early age. You will see as I continue on in my blogs. All the sorrow and pain you mention does turn into strength in time maybe not for all but for me LIFE experiences are learning paths and you can travel them or stop dead in your path. I continue to travel until it is my turn to swim in the ocean of LIFE. Love ya Have a FAB weekend!! and when you get the chance go jump some waves with that Granddaughter of yours. xoxo

  2. What a wonderful way to honor Joey. Kathleen, you are just marvelous to spend time with Terri at the beach. Jumping the waves at the Jersey shore….I can see you today and yesterday jumping with Joey. Such a way to be together again, hoping your treasured memories bring you comfort day by day of not just Joey but all the ones who are always in your heart.

    Jump the waves…I love it.

  3. Thanks Cheryl for your kind words and for reading my life waves. Yes these childhood memories are what get me thru some tough times and as for finding Joey the way I did somehow I feel he is with me more now looking down, around, up, ha ha.
    Joey had a grand sense of humor which you will see as I continue my life waves. Terri will be ok she was very close to her Mom (her Mom was like my second Mom) and we shared many special times together these past 24 years. So tune in for I will be back jumping some waves and heading off to Asbury Park. Joey and his grandparents are coming along for the ride also.

  4. Happy and sad…a chapter closed…a memory that has exploded into lots of memories…a tribute to someone you’ve loved…how lucky Joey was to have known you…lucky for me cause I’m first getting to know you…how happy and lucky that you and Terri have each other…much love my friend with the open and loving heart…love from all of us and Joey too.

    • Yes Linda Happy and Sad. I cherished Joey’s childhood friendship, I cherish my 24 year Terri friendship and I cherish our new and getting to know you friendship. I am happy to share both Joey and Terri with you.
      After jumping a few waves I went back up to sit with Terri and we got talking about YOU. I do not talk about many people and I only smack the ones I love!! Ha. I have gone to Terri’s home many times to smack her, or one of her daughters,ha.
      I love sharing my childhood Summers with you. Next wave coming soon. Love Ya. K

  5. Oh, that was so beautiful. What a tribute to a wonderful friend!! I’m so very glad you got to go to the shore and jump, dive and cry in the waves. It is very renewing. Yes, I believe he will always be with you, especially in the summers!! I did lots of jumping and diving myself in Florida and thought of you and this blog!! Thank you for sharing it with us Kathleen, like you, I can’t get enough of the beach. It’s in the blood!

  6. Carol, thank you! thank you! I am so happy you did some diving in those warm Miami Waves. Yes, Joey and I shared Fabulous Summers in the 60’s in Belmar and Asbury Park. They will forever be a part of me. Funny how fate works I finally decide to write my life waves blog and find him the way I did. Sometimes there are just no answers in LIFE Human nature makes us question yet we must move on and cherish those memories. We journal so that when the memory is gone there is something for someone- anyone else to read, to share. Love You xoxo

  7. Kathleen,
    I’m so sorry that you lost Joey. What a heartache. It’s wonderful when we can keep those we love alive through telling their stories. did he have any family that might enjoy reading these stories?

    I had a similar experience- I found out my first love, my childhood sweetheart through high school and college, had passed young and unexpectedly. It was crushing. But now I am writing his stories, and it feels so good to revive his spirit and bring him to life through words and memory. I can almost feel him looking over my shoulder.

    Ask Joey for a specific sign to let you know if he’s around. I asked Vince to show me a black feather when he’s around- omg have I got some crazy black feather stories! One morning, I woke up and there was a huge black feather on the floor next to my bed!

    Keep writing- it’s a great tribute to Joey.


  8. Thanks Hollye, so sweet of you to read my blog when you and Troy just lost Greg. We must have been writing on each others blog or FB at the same time. That is a great sign!!!
    Yes yes I believe Joey is loving this blog of our childhood in the 60’s. I was just so shocked that I looked for him for years and then how fate works I finally decide to write about our Summers and wham his name shows up in a search. I am now trying to contact his sister Donna and brother Michael but no luck yet.
    My heart goes out to you and Troy and Melanie and her family. Just one more reason to live each day best we can. Appreciate and love those around you. xoxo

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