Posted by: Kathleen's Life Waves | June 3, 2010

Beach Days: Jelly Fish, Skim Boards, Sea Glass

Well you have met Joey and  by now realize that  we hung out all the time together.   We fished, we swam, we had skim boards, boogie boards,  surfed on Dennis’s board (he was the Yummy lifeguard who all the girls would swoon over) but I knew him and it was so different I did not hang all over or around him and felt so grown up because of this.   I liked being with boys. The girls never did anything plus they  never wanted to get wet or exert themselves in any way they just wanted to tan all day.   The boys were always busy exploring and how interesting that I still continue to explore and realize that I  told my students and their parents to explore and discover for each day  is a new learning experience which  I never thought of that until now as I am typing that childhood theory stayed with me all these years.

Joey and I would go and look for that perfect spot and lots depended on the TIDE.  I just loved the tide charts. High tide, Low tide(my favorite). I drove some of the people at the house crazy I was always asking for the paper to check the tide charts then realized the lifeguard stand started to post it,  way cool!! I would set my beach day around the tide. I am  no longer two minutes from the beach more like two hours so weather and  tide are checked now.  As I got older and walked  the beaches the tides represented the highs and lows in life.  I could work anything out in my mind if I could walk the beach. The tides would come gather my thoughts and release ideas, theories, situations with each braking wave of foam.  It was like therapy…it worked..I solved a lot of situations walking the beach.

So Joey and I  would set up blankets, chairs, umbrellas,rafts and coolers.  We did not need to bring much to the beach because the house was a few steps away and we ate lunch at home but sometimes we  made sandwiches which we  brought back.

By  15 Joey and I were allowed to go to the beach alone.  Sometimes we did and sometimes we  got sidetracked………………..

One day Joey and I were off the jetties snorkeling and there was a shark so the story is that my Mom came running to the beach to find us this time she did one other time  she did not find us and WOW that was not good.  We were punished for two days which seemed like a lifetime(another blog).

One weekend all our families were together and we just had a blast beach day.  I had a cold lemonade  with ice  that we would make in the morning after breakfast. Joey thinking he would be funny  put a tiny round jelly fish into my cup. Well, oh yes, I drank it, and had nightmares for weeks thinking this creature was growing in my stomach or worst that I was going to see it when I used the bathroom. I welcomed ‘Neither Thought’ and for the first time did not talk to Joey for two whole days.

We never did get into that bury your body in sand thing..but I was always looking for treasures on the beach.  I would search out shells to paint and sea glass…..sea glass became a daily quest for me.

As we got older we no longer took naps after lunch because we knew we would not drown like we were told when we were little, ha.  now we were told we could have terrible  stomach pain if we went into the water after lunch which we believed in our early teen years  so I opted for long walks….Grams would come with me sometimes but she did not want to walk as far a I and Joey was bored with walking in  search of anything unless is was alive.

My quest was for sea glass.  I loved the colors, I loved the sparkle, the texture, the awesome shapes no two alike, I loved the fact the sea created this artwork from glass we threw in the trash(since recycling was not heard of in the 60’s) all this started probably around the age of 6 until present.  If you come to the beach with me today it is rare that I will sit with you, no offense, I prefer to walk hoping I befall a treasure of sea glass for you see that is how the story was told to me by my Grams.

Never, Never go looking for sea glass. It will come, it is a treasure that will befall you.  Joey used to laugh at this but I loved the theory so bucket in hand I went walking sometimes all the way to the next beach town of Spring Lake. And damn well Grams was right I have found the most beautiful cobalt blue, red and turquoise glass when I am not expecting or looking and these are rare finds on the Jersey Shore.   When I walk the beach today which is rare I feel like I am cheating nature, my Grams and myself, for I search it out because my visit it so short.

I still have some of my sea glass on my desk and in my kitchen window.   Thanks for viewing if you have the opportunity to walk the beach do so for me.  xoxo

Come back and see if the tides turn towards some Asbury Park visits.



  1. I love it…I love your memories…led by the pointer from your Grams…and I can’t wait to peruse your glass collection….MMMMwahhh!

  2. Oh my sea glass!! I love sea glass that is one of the reasons I miss the beach, the walk and sea glass. I am so honored that you are enjoying my little Summer Posts and I am enjoying writing them, as you told me I would. Not sure where the tides will bring us next blog. xoxo

  3. I’m so glad you are writing Kathleen. I love to hear other’s recollections of happy childhood days. Heartwarming!

    • Oh Hollye with all the precious wonderful things you have going on you took time to read my Life Waves Blog, so sweet of you and thanks for the support. I loved my childhood Summers at the beach.
      Now you go and bring home that beautiful baby and live together and make memories galore in your home. xoxo

  4. Wow Kat that was great. It really did take me back. I am so spoiled living on Long Island and close to the beach!! I will find sea glass for you promise, cross my heart XOX
    We had similar summers and I can really appreciate your memories as they hit so close to home!!! Beautiful story…Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh Carol you are so so sweet. I am so happy my beach memories lit a fire of your beach memories.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my Life Waves. xoxo Have you ever seen sea glass on the beaches near you? I have books on Sea Glass.

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