Posted by: Kathleen's Life Waves | June 2, 2010

Summer Activities

It is a miracle that in three days, just three days, everyone changes their personalities, we all become free. My Gram says is comes from the salt water and the  ocean air.  Grams has lots of theories…Irish tales…and as a kid I just loved them, treasure them now, but  embraced them for  they fueled my imagination all the more and I have some imagination.  Grams is rocking on the big front porch one short block from the ocean. My Mom is off reading in the common room.  My Dad has left for home he will return on the weekend, but not every weekend because he really does not like the beach and there is no TV here and he has to go to work.  My Dad lives for the boardwalk with games and rides so we know when he comes back we are heading off to Asbury Park,YEA!  because Belmar does not have a big boardwalk like Asbury Park but little does he know sometimes Grams and I sneak off to Asbury Park via train or bus, but that is a secret for another blog.

Belmar has a boardwalk starts north a the Shark River Inlet and ends at Spring Lake.  Down on 5th Ave there was a Pavilion where a band played  music and people dance and kids like us would  go under the boardwalk and laugh at them dancing….they all had  on big shoes what is with the big shoes? and the makeup didn’t anyone tell them this is the beach but I guess it is ok because it is nighttime and they are having fun spinning each other around and around and the smell of perfume even in the ocean air would kill you.   Now on the boardwalk right near us on 16th. is a mini golf where Joey and I would  go in the evening, after dinner,  and the  sea mist would hit  your sunburned body and you are dressed liked an Eskimo because you are freezing because once again  you did not put on enough sun lotion actually opted instead for the oil/iodine mix you prepared on the sly in the bathroom the day before. Joey and I spent a lot of time playing mini golf, until we got into trouble but that also is another blog.   Across from the boardwalk on 14th was an arcade and skee ball was my favorite.  We were given a roll of quarters each Summer and that was supposed to last but  of course it did not make it last past the first week. Grams always kept a secret stash in her room which carried us through the Summer.

Life was simple, I  rode my  bike everywhere, I had a huge basket on my bike to carry things home from the store. I got paid a dime to go get the newspapers especially on rainy days.  I loved riding my bike in the rain as long as it was warm and not storm like.   I read books, played board games, sat on the porch and made fun of people walking by(I admit it) I did not yell out or anything and no one could hear us but we just sat there looking at people walking up to the boardwalk and laughed at them, their hair, their clothes, hell we were kids  oh my get a life will ya! and every day we were on the beach doing most of the same things, reading, walking, skim boarding, crabbing.   I loved my Summer Beach Days.   next blog is the Summer Rooming House



  1. Oh I loved the little front basket on my carried everything!! Ive noticed kids dont have those anymore? I dont understand why not? I used it to carry any treasure I might find on the street..(I once found a perfectly good paddle-ball and felt like Id hit the lotto)…I even carried my puppy in the basket when he was little…I had to have him with me at all times…and for handling those grocery items my mom sent me to the store for it was ideal!
    I love your Irish grandma..and the obvious deep feelings you held for her. How lucky you were to share that time . How wonderful your memories are of the Summers then…It takes me right back to my summers too! xoxoxo

  2. Oh Melody your support and love….how wonderful!!
    I know bikes with baskets.. and the wonderful things you put in them. I just remembered the bell!! but I never used it much.
    Where did you spend your Summers? Some of my crazy days are coming up.

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