Posted by: Kathleen's Life Waves | May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend=School’s Out for the Summer WE MUST….

Welcome  to 1968, Memorial Day Weekend is here, YEA!!  School is out for the Summer,YEA!!  and YEA later  to Alice Cooper for such an AWEsome song.  Well school is out if you go to parochial school, HA!  Time to head to the beach, time to pack the car and not forget anything which is a joke. Time to meet up with local Summer friends who are so lucky to live there all year round.  Why Can’t We live at the beach  is always most of the topic on the drive down.  But I digress let’s get into the car and go …it is  ‘Time To Have Fun’. Well the fun starts with Dad yelling we are leaving very, very  early to beat the traffic on the 50 mile trip,  Ok I can deal with that I am not driving what I  cannot deal with is we pull off the Parkway every  year onto this long stretch of road that leads straight up to the beach.  I can smell the salt sea air, there is no dirt the ground is wonderful and sandy the huge Sun is shining and  as we get closer we see the waves, surfers, YEA!  it is low tide the best time the very very best time to skim board,the beach is bigger,  fun to walk in search of shells or sea glass, to not get knocked over by Hugh waves–the excitement is building  and then we get to our location and WOW a parking space right in front  then  BooM the parents Summer  Freak of  Panic sets in with the WE MUST: we must go say hello to all who are here(oh yes I forgot to mention this is not a house it is a boarding house that I will share on another blog)  we must unpack, we must eat lunch, we must make the beds, we must go to the library and get books before they are all gone, what library ever ran out of books tell me please!!!!  we must go to the food store because we have no food, WE MUST  is the first two hours after parking the car.  In my mind what WE MUST do is go to the beach and the hell with all the other WE  MUSTS until the sun sets.  By day two  we (or I should say my parents) are settled into beach life, my parents are normal once again not running like that old saying chickens with their heads chopped off   and we no longer are in  the WE MUST  mood.  We are now with no shoes, cut off shorts,bathing suits, sunglasses, coolers,  flip-flops, hats, bikes, and I wonder how did we ever survive without  water bottles, ha.  And all this time Grandmother is rocking away in a huge rocking chair on the big front porch and chilling. She was never a WE MUST woman BUT she always got what she needed done so she could go back to rocking, walking, reading, chatting. She is the heart and love  of my Summer’s in Belmar NJ.

I really have no clue about writing, as I mentioned earlier,  but I hope if you come across this my first blog you might come visit again as I continue some Summer Beach Stories and explain the Rooming House.

This was a high and low tide blog, cheers and thanks for taking the beach walk with me.



  1. HOME RUN!!! The most important thing is that I wanted to read MORE…keep going…the MUST list cracked me up…I love this and YOU…you are a writer and BLOGGER my sweet! Congratulations!

    • Linda, coming from you I am most honored and thank you. Oh the Yankees hit a home run? or are you referring to me? Not! I hated the We Must list, as a kid…I can still hear their tones of total freak out voices and can laugh at it now.
      So I just need to figure out where this blog is to post a new one or post it to FB. Well I will continue but not until Sat night. This is exhausting!! love you much and I am so jealous of June 11 but so happy you and Amy will be together, YEA!! She will have a hug from ME to YOU so remember to get it.

  2. LOVE it! Oh yes..I understand about that old “we must” when youre a kid! Keep goin’ the picture your painting..and love the image of your grandmother rockin away with the sea breeze in her face…I want to be there…I want to smell it..and taste that first salty bit of water that sits on your tongue and stings your eyes…
    Love the beach in summer..and all the innocence of those times…all the possibilities that seem endless when your young and believe nothing can ever end…not even the summer!

    • Oh Melody Thank you, thank you. I know from talking to you you feel some connection to my Grandmother…she was way cool which I will write about plus I know you share a love for the beach. Hopefully I will continue to entertain you and others and relive some of the best times of my life. High Tides and Low Tides… I am just realizing my first blog post I am the same age as Taylor is now. Cool!!! Love you for making me figure out how to send it via email. What a dumbo I hope I can find it again to continue to the Boarding House. I sent it to Linda also. How wonderfully sweet of you both and the fabulous support from both of you, thank you!!

  3. What a wonderful memory…I can see the ride so vividly, smell the salt air. Love it, what a great way to blog, recalling the memories. The Jersey shore is such a wonderful memory. I absolutely loved the Jersey shore…wasn’t too crazy about some of the dive motels we would end up staying at when we didn’t make a reservation, but that wonderful beach made up for all of the other “problems” along the way. My obnoxious teenage son even liked the Jersey shore…and that was an accomplishment for him in his days. I don’t know who would not love the beach there.

    Congrats on a great blog…keep posting them.

  4. Thanks so much for your awesome comment Cheryl. Where did you hang out on the Jersey Shore and When? I am writing a little each day so come back and check out when I go into Asbury Park, Spring Lake and also get into trouble. ha.
    Thanks for your support. I have wanted to do this for some time and Memorial Day weekend seemed like the best time to start. Summer!! YEA!!

  5. I cannot wait for the next blog!!! Love them….

  6. Thanks Mary I just posted one for today. Tomorrow the tide is high around here with errands so I will post by Friday again if I get it together. I am glad you enjoyed it. I loved my beach days!!

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